Pad2Pad 1.9

A convenient tool for designing and ordering printed circuit boards
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Pad2Pad is a very convenient freeware tool to design your own printed circuit boards (PCBs). It resembles a lot several popular CAD tools like AutoCAD, so its users will become familiar with the software in a very short time. With this program you can create custom PCBs for use in radios, TVs, lamps, cell phones, and many more.

The tools are well arranged over the left side of your screen, every one of them has a comprehensive tooltip and information about its use over the status bar. Moreover, when you design your circuit, you can access a feature called Part List (BOM) consisting of a table wherein you can add the required parts to build your PCB. This way, when you get the quotes from Pad2Pad the cost of these parts are automatically included, saving valuable time. An interesting feature is the capability to order your design once finished. If you complete your payment info on the Settings window, you will receive your work by mail in a few weeks. In sum, I strongly recommend this program if you are a PCB designer.

Rodrigo Ramos
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